Jagan distributing ill-gotten money to buy votes: Naidu

Hyderabad, May 7 (NSS) TDP chief Mr. N. Chandrababu Naidu has alleged that Mr. Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy was distributing money from his ill-gotten wealth to buy votes in Kadapa by elections.

            Talking to the media at the NTR Trust Bhavan, his party’s headquarters here on Saturday, he said Jagan was under the impression that with money he could win the election, but he would be taught a befitting lesson by the voters of Kadapa. He has lamented that no action was being taken on the former MP though every body knew that he has earned thousands of crores of rupees when his father was the Chief Minister. He said during the rule of YSR, development took a back seat and the state was plundered.  He said the same trend continued even after YSR. He has appealed to the voters of Kadapa not to be enticed and vote as per their conscience. He has urged them to spurn money. Do not encourage valueless and mean politics, he has appealed to the voters.

            Mr.  Naidu has alleged that the Congress party was also competing with Mr. Jagan in distribution of money.

The former Chief Minister said no one was recognizing Mr. N. Kirankumar Reddy as the Chief Minister. Alleging that he was not concentrating on law and order, Naidu has alleged that administration in the state has totally collapsed. He has also expressed anxiety that the farmer was not getting remunerative prices. He has lamented that the seven-year rule of the Congress had taken the state backwards by 20 years. He has urged the voters to teach a befitting lesson to the corrupt politicians by defeating them in the by elections. He has allleged that the Congress party was resorting to mean politics. (NSS)


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