Planning commission contribution reduced because of government’s negligence: Yanamala

Hyderabad, May 7 (NSS) TDP Politburo member and former Finance Minister Mr. Yanamala Rama Krishnudu has said that contribution from the Planning Commission has come down because of the negligent attitude of the government and its inefficient management of the state’s finances.

            In a press note here on Saturday, he said it became a regular practice for the government to show an enhanced budget and cheat the people. However, there was a 15 percent reduction in actual plan allocations and approvals for the past 4 years he said and added that these allocations have gone down by 21 percent last year.

            Mr. Rama Krishnudu has said that while the state has proposed an allocation of Rs. 47,558 crores, the Planning Commisison has allotted only Rs. 43,000 crores marking a significant cut in the state’s proposals, he pointed out. The welfare sector alone has lost Rs. 856 crores, he added. While the government proposed Rs,. 4038 crores for the welfare of SCs, STs, BCs and Minorities, the Planning Commission has only finalized a grant of Rs. 3182 crores. There was a cut of Rs. 949 crores to the education sector, he said and questioned how the state would reach the national average with all these reductions.

            Naidu has said that the state’s hopes of getting AIBP funds in a large way were also shattered. He said the Irrigation department was sanctioned Rs. 14,970 crores which included Rs. 2,000 crores of AIBP funds like last year. He said these funds would not be sufficient as escalation of cost of various projects was more than 10 percent every year. This was the reason why the cost of the projects which were taken up with estimates of Rs. 40,000 crores has now shot up to Rs. 1 lakh croes, he pointed out.

            Mr. Rama Krishnudu has said that the Planning Commission has noticed that the government was adopting a negligent attitude towards the priority sectors of education, health and welfare. He said the PC has imposed cuts in its allocations because of the inefficiency of the state government and its negligent attitude as was seen through its inability to spend the allotted funds.

            Mr. Yanamala has noted that the PC found fault with the state government for reducing allocations to the health sector by more than five percent. While it was proposed that Rs. 1140 crores be allotted for the National Rural Health Mission last year, Centre has allotted only Rs. 960 crores. The PC has also found fault with the government diverting the funds of the NRHM to 104, 108 and Arogya Sri  programmes and the government not sanctioning 15 percent matching grant to the mission. The PC has also expressed dissatisfaction over the state industrial growth being below the national average. It has also pointed out that the state should also concentrate on the development of fisheries, poultry and other ancillary ijdsutries, RamanKrishnudu has pointed. He said the Planning Commission has also expressed dissatisfaction over the state’s literacy rate being 7 percent lower than the national average. While these were the facts, he said it was funny that the Chief Minister was stating that the Planning Commission had commended the state’s performance. (NSS)


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