Administration in AP is chaotic: Bala Krishna

Hyderabad, May 28 (NSS) Hero Nandamuri BalaKrishnahas said that administration in the state was utterly chaotic.

Addressing the Mahanadu on the second day on Saturday, Bala Krishna, son of NTR, founder of the TDP said the credit for leading the party successfully during its difficult period goes to Mr. Chandrababu Naidu. He said while late NTR has launched welfare programmes, Mr. Chandrababu Naidu has started developmental programmes like the Information Technology. He said Mr. Naidu also has the credit for taking NTR’s ideals forward and asserted that it was his late father and Mr. Chandrababu Naidu who gave respect to the Telugus the world over.

Mr. Bala Krishna said his late father has taken the difficulties of the characters he had donned to his heart and entered politics, with the encouragement of the people. He said NTR had defeated the Congress party which pledged the honor of the Telugus with theDelhibosses in just 8 months. Stating that NTR had brought several reforms, hbe said it was Mr. Naidu who had developed industries and business activity to ensure that the state prospered. He said Mr. Naidu should be given total credit for the development of the IT industry in the state.

Making a frontal attack on the Congress party, Bala Krishna said corruption grew by leaps and bounds after Congress came to power. He said the corrupt Congress government had given away valuable lands to people close to them at throw away prices in the name of SEZs. He has also mentioned about the 2G Spectrum scam that rocked the nation. He has maintained that while resorting to corruption was a crime, to remain a silent spectator to it was a bigger a crime.  He has called upon the party functionaries to revolt against the Congress and bring TDP back to power. Stating that Mr. Naidu had built up infra structure in the state, he has called upon the party cadres to work with him to strengthen the party. He has called upon the party leadership to encourage youth and students and give them prominence in the party. He said it was the duty of the leadership, to build up second rung of leaders. He said party men should work together without any differences and make efforts to redeem the ideals of late NTR. (NSS)


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