Hyderabad, June 3 (NSS): Mr D. Sridhar Babu, Minister for Legislative Affairs, has appealed to the Opposition parties to cooperate with the government and ensure that the elections of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Assembly were held unanimously.

          Talking to the media here on Friday, Mr Sridhar Babu said that he had tried to talk to the TDP leader, Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu, on the issue and as he was not available spoke to that party senior leader, Mr Payyavula Keshav. He said that Mr Kesav had assured to discuss the matter with Mr Naidu and get back to him.

Meanwhile, the TDP, which initially thought of fielding senior leader, Mr K E Krishna Murty as the party’s candidate for the Speaker’s post appears to have backtracked. It is learnt that some senior party leaders had opposed the move that it would be a wasteful exercise as the party did not have the numerical strength to get its candidate elected. They are reported to have argued that as the party was moving the no-confidence motion, there was no need to express dissent by fielding candidate for the Speaker’s post. It is however being said that the TDP would try to force a debate on the no-confidence motion on Saturday itself. It has however decided that the party should field its own candidate for the Speaker’s post if the Protem Speaker refused to admit the no-confidence motion on the opening day of the session itself.

However, political experts are of the opinion that no-confidence motion could not be taken up in the session specially being convened to elect the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker.  (NSS)


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