Hyderabad, June 4 (NSS): Former Minister and Friends of Iran Society president, Mr K. Prabhakar Reddy said that there was a need to promote relationship   in trade and economic sectors between India and Iran, to develop both the countries in economic field.

         He was speaking at a seminar on   the “International Impact of Islamic Revolution in Iran and Leadership of Imam Khomeini” on the occasion of the 22 nd Anniversary of the demise of Hazarath Imam Khomeinie, organized by the Consulate General of Islamic Republic of Iran here and Friends of Iran Society here today. He said that Imam Khomeinie, was not only a political leader but also a  spiritual leader of Iran,  under whose able guidance the people of Iran in February 1979,  after years of struggle, had  toppled the 2500 years of Imperial Rule of Pahlavi by establishing Islamic Republic Government with the 98.09 per cent of the votes.

He lauded that Khomeine had worked for eradicating poverty and increasing literacy in  Iran. He said that he did not encourage his heir entering into politics. He urged that all non-democratic countries should change their way and establish democracy in their respective countries. Referring to the  present turmoil in middle- east countries, he said that people of middle-east were following his footsteps to fight for democratic rule in their countries. He said that though people of Arab countries were fighting against Imperial rule,  the rulers did not change their way to turn to democratic fold. He wanted that  India and Iran  to cooperate in  education, cultural, energy and petroleum sectors.

Mr Mahmoud Safari Farkhud, Consul General of Islamic Republic of Iran, said that the seminar  was aimed at reviving the age-old relationship between the two great nations –Iran and India. Mr Abid Rasool Khan, APCC general secretary, also spoke. (NSS)


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