Hyderabad, June 6 (NSS): Mr Nannuri Narsi Reddy, Telugu Nadu Students’ Federation State president,
has demanded that the Telangana Joint Action Committee be reconstituted, alleging that it was sold out
to the Telangana Rashtra Samithi.

In a statement here on Monday, Mr Narsi Reddy said that the JAC has become the agent of the
TRS and instead of strengthening the Telangana movement, it was shamefully trying to strengthen that
Referring to the call of the JAC to the Congress and TDP MPs to resign and the people to
drive away people’s representatives from villages if they do not respond to the Telangana movement
by June 30, Mr Narsi Reddy has questioned why it had not called upon the people to drive away the
MLAs who were sold out in the MLC elections? He also asked how Prof. Kodandaram, convener of the
JAC, attends meetings called by the TRS chief, Mr K Chandrasekhara Rao, without calling any other
member party except the TRS. “How are you carrying his (KCR’s) agenda?
When the TRS called for the Millennium March, how did you make it a success when the JAC
has opposed it? These facts prove that you are the agent of the TRS party.
The TNGOs association has said that KCR has stopped their non-cooperation movement. Is he
not a traitor of Telangana? Why did you not take action against him? You have expelled TDP from
the JAC when there was a clash between party workers and advocates, simply because TRS forced
you, despite other parties in the JAC objecting to the expulsion. Why was the TRS not expelled when
that party workers had attacked Mr Manda Krishna Madiga in the Warangal students’ meeting? It is
because of TRS agents like you, the Telangana movement is not moving in the proper direction,” Mr
Narsi Reddy said, and demanded that the JAC be cleansed and reconstituted immediately. (NSS)

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