Hyderabad, June 6 (NSS): The Telugu Nadu Students’ Federation has started a campaign to collect the
people’s signatures in support of the Yoga Guru Ramdev Baba’s movement for bringing back the black
money stashed away by the Indian rich in foreign countries.
The TDP general secretary, Mr Aravinda Kumar Goud, launched the campaign at the NTR Trust
Bhavan here on Monday.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr Goud said that it was because the UPA government had become
totally inefficient and had failed to repatriate the black money and take effective steps on corruption,
that his party was supporting the movements of social activists like Mr Anna Hazare and Mr Ramdev
Baba. He said that it was shameful on the part of the government to resort to violence on Baba Ramdev
and his workers who were peacefully agitating.
He also alleged that the UPA government was shivering because of the agitations against
corruption. He said the corruption which the Congress had fondly grown all these years was now ready
to placate it and added that the Congress president, Ms Sonia Gandhi, and the Prime Minister, Dr
Manmohan Singh, were ignoring even the directions of Supreme Court and CAG to take action against
the corrupt. He said his party would wage a relentless war against corruption.
Mr Goud has claimed that despite the TDP giving documentary evidence on the corruption of
the YSR family to the Prime Minister, so far no action was taken on it.

The TNSF State president, Mr Narsi Reddy, Mr Kodali Ravi Kumar, Mr Miraj Khan and Telugu
Mahila leaders participated in the programme. (NSS)

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