Hyderabad, June 18 (NSS): Taking serious exception to the YSR Congress Party Chief, Mr Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy’s criticism over PRP merger with the Congress, the PRP MLA, Mr Kannababu, has asked Mr Jagan as to how it was ethical on his part to woo MLAs from other parties when the PRP merger with Congress was not ethical.
Speaking at the Assembly mediapoint on Saturday, Mr Kannababu expressed doubts on Mr Jagan by saying that whether the latter has any knowledge about the democracy or not. He said that the PRP merger with the Congress was taking place according to the rules of constitution.
He alleged that Mr Jagan started his political career from Pavuralagutta, the place where his father died in a copter crash, with lust for power. Revealing that Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy had sent 22 MLAs to the PRP Chief, Mr Chiranjeevi, seeking his support to help him become chief minister, has no moral right to criticise Mr Chiranjeevi.
Stating that Mr Jagan had laid foundation for the YSR Congress party on the bricks of ‘corruption’, Mr Kannababu said that Mr Jagan has no courage to face the media though he had launched his party three months ago.
Demanding that the State government order an inquiry into the crores of money flowing to the “Sakshi” organisations, Mr Kannababu dared Mr Jagan to give reply to these allegations.


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