Hyderabad, June 18 (NSS): Shreedham Vrindavan founder-president, Benaras Hindu University grammarian, Vastu expert and astrologer, Prof. Ramvilas Chaturvedi, on Saturday asserted that there will be no natural disaster in December 2012 as reported by some TV news channels and magazines in the country. These channels and magazines were creating unnecessary panic among the people by claiming that the planet would be immersed in the catastrophe, he added.
Speaking to mediapersons here, Prof. Chaturvedi said that poisonous energy will be created through food which will affect the brain and health of the people. Many calamities will occur creating panic among the people, he said, adding that volcanoes would erupt at many places on the earth creating natural calamity like situation. However, he assured that Indians need not worry about natural calamities in 2012 because the calamities would occur in other countries like Japan, the United States of America and China. He said that the world would cease to exist after 30,40,000 years.
Prof. Chaturvedi also predicted that India would emerge as a super power after natural calamities hit other parts of the world in December next year because of its growing economy. He also said that there were nature protection measures for the mankind like creation of water storages, planting of saplings, refraining from excavation of earth. If these measures are followed strictly, the threat of natural disasters would vanish by 2017.
The Sanatan Sanskar Seva Sansthan president, Mr  Ramesh Agarwal Shimlawale, its general secretary, Mr Suresh Kumar Adukia, the secretaries, Mr Shankarlal Bang and Mr Nitin Adukia, were also present at the media conference. (NSS)


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