Hyderabad, July 6 (NSS): For the third consecutive day,  work and files movement in the Secretariat, the headquarters of State administration,  remained paralysed  with the  absence of  the ministers,  and  majority of  the employees keeping away from attending to duties  due to the  bandh.

       With the resignations of Telnagana Ministers and MLAs on Monday, no minister except two ministers belonging to Seemandhra attended their duties in the Secretariat. The non-availability of ministers impacted on the file movements in different departments.

On the first day of the two-day Telangana bandh ie Tuesday, only 30 percent of the Secretariat employees attended their duties, due to non-availability of transport facility. The Ministers also kept away from the Secretariat.

On Wednesday also, the same scene was repeated in the Secretariat.  The Chief Minister was also not available in the Secretariat as he went to Tirupathi to receive the President of India, Mrs Prathibha Patil.  Except the Minister for Finance, Mr Anam Ramnarayana Reddy and Minister for Health, Dr D L Ravindra Reddy, no other minister reached the Secretariat today.

Several blocks and peshis of the ministers wore deserted look, devoid of the usual bustle. The number of visitors was also very less compared to other working days. With this, Sunday- like atmosphere appeared in the Secretariat. Most of the seats in the departments appeared empty.
Responding to the call given by the Telangana employees JAC, some of the employees have abstained from their duties. (NSS)


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