General strike in Telangana from August 1

The steering committee of the Telangana JAC has decided to launch general strike through out the Telangana region from august 1.

JAC convener Kodandaram has made this announcement on Saturday. He said all the people’s organizations would henceforth unite and fight for Telangana. He said Telangana employees unions would give strike notice on July 13.

Kodandaram has said the ‘Vanta Varpu’ and Rail Roko programmes postponed recently would now be held on July 12 and 14 respectively. From the 15th, Pada Yatras, massive rallies and protest programmes would be taken up he said and called upon protesters to lay siege to the houses of those who had not resigned and burn their effigies.

Kodandaram has expressed anger that by printing the photograph of Jai Sankar next to Chandra Babu’s photo, the TDP was insulting the late champion of Telangana. He said it was the duty of the Telangana leaders of the TDP to stop the agitations of the Seemandhra wealthy leaders of that party.


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