Hyderabad, July 12 (NSS): The Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee (APCLC) has demanded
that the State government suspend the Hyderabad City Police Commissioner, Mr A.K. Khan, who was
trying to suppress the separate Telangana agitation on the Osmania University campus in violation of
the Supreme Court orders.
Speaking to mediapersons here on Tuesday, the APCLC vice-president, Mr D. Suresh Kumar,

said the incidents that occurred on Monday in the city were nothing but a crackdown on democracy
and democratic values. He said the MLAs, MPs and all those who supported the peaceful agitation of
Osmania University students were arrested indiscriminately in the name of implementing Supreme
Court orders and to protect law and order. He alleged that the police personnel violated law on the OU
campus on Monday. Rule of law was completely ignored by the police themselves, he added.
The APCLC leader also criticized the police for arresting lawyers who were in a hotel far from
the campus and the Congress MLAs and MP who were on the way to Osmania Campus. Contending
that the agitating students on the Campus were neither criminals nor terrorists with fire arms assault
weapons, he said the agitation for Telangana was a constitutional right of every agitator and its
supporter, he added. He felt that the Telangana issue has to be resolved politically by the State and
Union governments.
The APCLC joint secretary, Mr V. Raghunath, demanded that the State government withdraw
the police forces in and around the Osmania University and the Telangana region. He also demanded
that the Centre table a Bill for Telangana in the monsoon session of Parliament and hold talks with the
all concerned.
The APCLC City unit president, Mr J. Lingam, urged the AICC general secretary, Mr Rahul
Gandhi, to intervene and resolve the separate Telangana issue without further delay. The APCLC city
general secretary, Mr N. Narayana Rao, was also present. (NSS)

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