That’s personal – say Nityananda and Ranjita

When Nityananda Swami and actress Ranjita were caught by media cameras in compromising poses, the two bluffed several times that it was not they who were in the tapes. The latest is they admitted the fact and argued it was their personal affair.

Nityananda who became popular as Sex Swamy after the episode, came before the media along with Ranjita at Chennai on Wednesday. While continuing to bluff that the tapes were not real, they said even if they were real, it was a personal affair. They said it was a crime to film their personal life that way. Rajnita has lamented that she has lost a lot in her career because of these tapes. She has alleged that the owners of Sun TV and Nakkiran have demanded Rs. 6o crores from her. She said she has complained to the police about them.

Ranjita has maintained that she has not done injustice to any one and said every one knew about it. She has expressed hope that the Chief Minister Jayalalita would do her justice.


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