Hyderabad, July 14 (NSS): The Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) has increased the bus fares to cope with the increased price hike of diesel. The new bus fares will come into effect from the early morning of July 16.

            Addressing the media at Bus Bhavan here on Thursday, the APSRTC managing director, Mr Prasada Rao, said the Centre had increased the diesel price thrice from February 27 last year to June 24 this year from Rs 35.64 to Rs 44.39. The diesel price was increased by Rs 8.75 per liter and the total burden on account of the increased diesel price alone is Rs 744 crores on the Corporation and it has no other alternative except to increase fares. He said the Corporation has increased fares to the extent of Rs 538 crores only thus leaving a gap of Rs 200 crores. He said the Corporation proposed to procure 6,000 buses towards replacement of old buses with the budgetary support of the State government amounting to Rs 200 crores. In this regard, the government has already released Rs 100 crores, he added.

Mr Prasada Rao said that there was no change in the minimum fare of Pallevelugu, Express, Deluxe, Super Luxury and Garuda. There is no fare hike up to 20km in Pallevelugu and fares up to 10 km in all types of City services remains unchanged. There will be no change in the fares of Sheethal AC buses in the City. He said the Pallevelugu fares are increased from 46 ps to 50 ps i.e by 4 ps per kilometer. The Express services’ fares are increased from 54 ps to 62 ps i.e. by 8 ps per kilometer. Deluxe services fares are increased from 60 ps to 70 ps i.e. by 10 ps per kilometer. Super Luxury fares are increased from 70 ps to 82 ps i.e. by 12 ps per kilometer. Garuda services fares are increased from 125 ps to 140 ps i.e. by 15 ps per kilometer. Ghat services fares are increased from 108 ps to 124 ps i.e. by 16 ps per kilometer. He said fares of the City ordinary, Metro Express, Metro Deluxe, Mofussil Services are increased only after 10 km i.e. five stages by Rs 2 per stage.

Mr Prasada Rao said there was no increase in the student bus pass fares but increased by Rs 50 on General Bus Pass in Hyderabad City. He said the Corporation ran 500 additional buses on Thursday to prevent inconvenience to the Rail commuters due to the Rail Roko agitation by the Telangana protagonists. He said the Corporation has incurred losses during last year bandh to the tune of Rs 150 crores. The latest loss was Rs 17 crores due to bandhs, he said, adding that the cumulative losses of the Corporation reached to Rs 1,900 crores. He said the 350 CNG buses will be on the roads by this month end by giving gas connectivity to them soon in the City. (NSS)



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