Gandaragolam in Telugu and Hindi

Gandaragolam is being made in Telugu and Hindi (Sabka Bolte Band). Savera Films Entertainments is producing the film under the direction of Aleka Choudary Vemula. The film is produced by Mohsin Ahmed. The producers talked to the media recently.

Director Aleka Choudary described the film as a typhoon of laughter. He said story screenplay and direction for the film is story itself. Stating that he was a journalist earlier, he said it is his debut as director. On the progress of the film, he said DTS work of the film is in progress.

Mohsin Ahmed said  this was his first film. He said the director has made efforts to attract audience of all sections. Stating that there are only two songs in the film, he said the Telugu version would be first released.

Akbar Bin Tabar, one of the actors said he has done an important character in the film and said he has done it in both the languages.

Cast: Saatyam Rajesh, Chitra Srinu, Mosin Ahmed, Abar Bin Thabar, Adnan Sharjit, Goutham Raju, Priya, Sampath Raj and others.


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