Hyderabad, July 14 (NSS): The resigned minister of Warangal district, Mr Ponnala Lakshmaiah, has said the Centre should no longer stretch the Telangana issue further.

Speaking at the 48-hour fast camp of Telangana public representatives at Indira Park on Thursday, Mr Ponnala has cautioned the Congress high command that it would face difficulties in the Telangana region if it did not concede the Telangana State demand.

Referring to Mr Ghulam Nabi Azad’s statement that a unanimous resolution of the Assembly was necessary for creation of Telangana, he pointed out that even when the Andhra and Hyderabad regions were merged, there was no unanimous resolution. He also said no resolution was necessary for bifurcation as no such resolution was passed at the time of merger.


            Speaking at the fast camp, the Congress MLA from Medchal, Mr Kichennagari Lakshma Reddy, said all the ministers of the region should follow Mr Jupalli Krishna Rao and get their resignations accepted. He said all the Telangana MLAs were with the Telangana ministers and MPs in their fight for Telangana. He warned that all the government offices from village panchayat to Secretariat would be locked if Telangana was not conceded. (NSS)



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