Hyderabad, July 15 (NSS): Following the Chief Minister, Mr Kiran Kumar Reddy’s directions, the A.P.S.R. T.C. had decided to go for only a marginal hike in bus fares in spite of steep hike in the prices of diesel. The Chief Minister also ruled out automatic hike in RTC fares whenever diesel prices are hiked. Mr Reddy said RTC buses are commuted by common man and there should not be parallel hike in bus fares with the increase in diesel prices.

            More than 40% of passengers travel up to 20 km in Pallevelugu services and fares have not been increased to help these common people. Fares up to 10 km in all types of city services were also not hiked to help the common man. It was decided not to hike fares of Sheetal in city services. Fares in District Ordinary services up to 20 km have not been hiked. Up to 40 km, the hike will be just Re 1 (per stage of 5 km) and up to 60 km, the increase in fares will be only Rs 2 (per stage of 5 km).


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