Hyderabad, July 15 (NSS): The TDP Politburo has demanded the resignation of Union Home Minister Mr. P Chidambaram, holding him morally responsible for the Mumbai blasts.

            The Politburo which has taken a serious note of the blasts, has also seriously condemned Congress General Secretary Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s remarks on the blasts. It wondered what the fate of the country would be if such an ignorant person became the Prime Minister of the nation.

Talking to the media later, party senior leader Mr. Yerrannaidu has said Mr. Rahul Gandhi should immediately withdraw his remarks and offer apologies to the people.

Stating that the TDP was committed to fight against corruption, he said it was as part of this commitment, it was agitating against the EMAR issue and Jagan’s corruption. He said his party was constrained to go to courts as the central and state governments were encouraging corruption.

He said though the UPA had stated in its manifesto that it would get back all the black money stashed away in foreign banks, it had done nothing in the direction. He said the governments were remaining silent spectators to all round corruption until the Supreme Court intervened.

Mr. Yerrannaidu has said that the Politburo had discussed about strengthening the party in detail. Mr. Kalva Srinivasulu, another Politburo member has said that training camps would be conducted from July 18 to 26 to party workers for strengthening the party. (NSS)


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