Hyderabad, July 16 (NSS): Rather than keeping an eagle eye on the movements of terrorists and anti-social elements, the Intelligence personnel, including Central Intelligence, were indulging in collecting information on political developments and giving inputs to the rulers. In the wake of multiple bomb blasts in Mumbai the other day, the top police officials were anxious that the Intelligence failure might give scope to anti-social elements to expand their network in the city.

            Since the last one year, the Intelligence wings in the State were busy and more attentive on collecting information about political developments and Telangana movement. With this, there was little surveillance on anti-social elements, alleged terrorist sympathizers and former terrorists. Though the Counter Intelligence wing was working exclusively for terrorist activities, it lacks sufficient manpower.

With the incident of serial bomb blasts in Mumbai, the State police woke up suddenly and started taking collective steps. Majority of bomb blasts carried out by terrorists in the country pointed links with Hyderabad. The arrested terrorists also confessed during police interrogation that they took shelter in the city after carrying out the blasts.

As the terrorists were using the City as a shelter zone and Hyderabad turning into a haven for anti-social elements, the police officials were very much worried about the situation in the State. The entire police force was engaged in tackling agitation in Telangana region. Moreover, Hyderabad city has literally become a central point to Telanagana movement.

The Intelligence department was busy by keeping watch on movements of agitators as well on their leaders. With the additional work, the Intelligence wing could not pay attention to the movements of suspicious persons linked to terrorist organizations.

According to sources, the police top officials feel that the present situation may facilitate terrorists to breathe and expand their connections. The Intelligence wing again focused its attention on terrorism. The coming 30 days will be crucial in the law and order aspect as Bonalu festival and nine-day Ganesh festival will be celebrated in the city on a grand scale. (NSS)


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