Hyderabad, July 17 (NSS): The Chief Minister, Mr N. Kiran Kumar Reddy, today initiated yet another major step in helping the poor patients and commoners of the State. This is to help the patients at all the government hospitals. He decided that the system of dispensing medicines at all the hospitals would be completely streamlined. This is a major move as far as healthcare sector is concerned in the State and this will be worked out in three districts viz., Adilabad, Srikakulam and Chittoor on a pilot basis.

The Chief Minister took a cue from the Tamil Nadu government’s example. The Tamil Nadu government has taken a step forward and made it mandatory to supply all medicines prescribed by the doctors in the government hospitals and dispensaries. No patients would need to purchase medicines from outside medical stores under any circumstances. If any patient is asked to purchase medicines, action would be taken against the doctors and others concerned. This system worked out well.

The Chief Minister has decided that in Andhra Pradesh too, no patient will be asked to purchase medicines from outside. All medicines will be made available in the government hospitals itself. Patients will be dispensed with medicines as prescribed by the doctors. The Andhra Pradesh Health & Medical Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation will be asked to supply medicines as per the requisitions of all government hospitals. The Director of Health Services will also be asked to coordinate the supply of medicines.

The Chief Minister said if any patient is asked to purchase medicine as per the prescription of doctors in the government hospitals from outside medical stores, the doctors concerned will either be suspended or action will be taken against them. He said that this will be implemented in all the Government Hospitals in all districts throughout the State. However, as a pilot project, it would be strictly implemented in three districts of Adilabad, Chittoor and Srikakulam from August  15.  The Chief Minister asked the officials to work out the details immediately.  (NSS)



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