New Delhi, July 17 (NSS): Minister Mr. T G Venkatesh has said that the state should have two capitals.

            Mr. Venkatesh who came along with another minister Mr. Yerasu Pratapa Reddy has reiterated that he would form an army to protect the settlers of Seemandhra from attacks.

Talking to a news channel, he said the problem of Telangana could only be solved through development and not bifurcation. He said they would be meeting Congress leaders and argue in favour of United Andhra.

Alleging that KCR was infested with jaundice, Venkatesh said he had passed it on to all others. He said his decision on Telangana would be in accordance with the majority decision of the Seemandhra people. He has however ruled out resigning his post for the purpose.

Mr. Venkatesh has said that the Congress High Command should consult leaders of all the three regions, before taking a decision on Telangana.

Mr. Pratapa Reddy said there was need for discussing the Telangana issue with leaders of other regions also. He said solution could be found only through such discussions. Mr. Pratapa Reddy has said that even the people of Telangana were for unity as they want development.

Several Seemandhra leaders have already reached New Delhi to impress upon the party High Command on the need to keep the state united. Some more would be arriving by Sunday night. These leaders would be meeting at the residence of MP Mr. Kavuri Sambasiva Rao on Monday morning, before meeting the party central leaders.


HYDERABAD: Meanwhile Congress MP Mr. Komatireddy VRajagopal has warned Mr. Venkatesh to desist from making provocative statements.  He said they would not allow Mr. Venkatesh to move about anywhere in Telangana including Hyderabad, if he did not refrain from making such remarks. (NSS)


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