New Delhi, July 18 (NSS): AICC Official Spokesperson Mr. Manish Tiwari has said that every one
should exhibit patient if the Telangana problem was to be amicably solved.
Talking to the media here on Monday, he said national interests would be at stake because of
regional pressures.
Answering questions if a solution like the one found for the Ghurkha Land issue would be
sought for the Telangana tangle, Mr. Tiwari has said there was no comparison between the two issues.
He has appealed to Congress leaders not to resort to provocative statements. He has assured that the
Telangana issue would be resolved after discussions with all concerned in a way satisfactory to all
sections. He has admitted that the Telangana sentiment was strong in the region. However, no tangible
solution could be found through pressures, he asserted. he said the Telangana issue would be resolved
by taking care that national interests were also safeguarded. He said the issue would surely be resolved
after taking every shade of opinion into consideration.

Meanwhile the Seemandhra leaders have also started hectic efforts to stall the bifurcation
moves. Leaders of the region have met in the residence of Congress MP Mr. Kavuri Sambasiva Rao
and resolve to stoutly oppose bifurcation.
Speaking to the media after the meeting in New Delhi, Mr. Sambasiva Rao has asserted that


they want the state to be United and there would be no compromise on that issue. He said they had
convinced leaders from the village level that the state would not be divided and counseled them that
there was no need for coming to the streets and agitating. “It is because of our assurance, that there
are no agitations in the Seemandhra region. Once they feel that the situation is otherwise, you yourself
know from past experience what the situation would be”.
Mr. Rao has affirmed that they would not consider any alternative proposal other than keeping
the state united. He said they were waiting for appointment to meet the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan
Singh and would represent their stand when they get it.
When asked if they would be part of the committee to be proposed to be set up by the central
government with representatives from both regions to discuss and resolve the issue. He said they had
no objection to be in the committee if the people of the Telangana region agree to join it. When told
that the Telangana leaders have decided not to join the committee, Mr. Rao has said in that event, they
also would not join it. “With whom shall we discuss, when the Telangana representatives opt out of the
committee, he has questions. (NSS)

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