Ananta Padmanabha angry? Sundara Rajan dies

Has Ananta Padmanabha Swamy become angry that his hidden treasures are being taken out? Or the divine serpent guarding the treasures has stung? Sundara Rajan, who went to the court, demanding the extrication of the treasures from the vaults of the temple, hidden in the bowels of earth has died. Devotees are worried that many more such bad omens might occur, as the Lord was angry.

It may be recalled that treasures worth several lakhs of crores of rupees were brought out from the underground vaults of the temple recently. Former IPS Officer Sundara Rajan (70) who was instrumental in bringing the treasure out, has died after suffering from fever for two days on Sunday. He was a bachelor all his life.

Rajan has earlier worked in the Intelligence wing and also in the security of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. He later took up the profession of a lawyer. He has gone to court, demanding transparency in the protection of the properties of the Padmanabhaswamy temple in Trivendrum. It was because of his legal fight, that the world became aware of the hidden treasures.

While the vaults were being opened, explorers found Naga Bandham on the sixth vault. This was the reason why that was not opened. As efforts were being made to open the sixth vault also, devotees said Sundara Rajan was subjected to Naga Sapa (Curse of the Serpent of the Lord). Devotees are fearing that more evils would be faced if the sixth vault was opened and are opposing it.

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  1. VVBabu. said:

    No doubt its gods curse. Some people who are well educated feel that they are above all and what they say is law and what they do is proper. They never feel that god is above them. Its better on the part of the Government of Kerala and the Courts must leave the matter here only, though its too late that what was done is against the will of the God. So Rajan might have learnt just before he breathed his last. All the eyes of unlawful men and politicians might have fallen on the wealth. They must know if at all anybody would like to think of the treasure, their fate will be like Rajan.

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