Conduct plebiscite in Telangana & carve out State, Jana urges Centre

Hyderabad, July 18 (NSS): The resigned Telangana Congress
public representatives’ convener, Mr K Jana Reddy, has said the Centre
should announce separate Telangana as 31st State taking inspiration from
Sudan, which was divided as North Sudan and South Sudan. He said the
Sudan government conducted a plebiscite in South Sudan, who wanted to
separate from united Sudan. On the same lines, the Centre should conduct
plebiscite in the Telangana region and carve out separate State.
Addressing the comprehensive meeting of resigned Telangana public
representatives here on Monday, Mr Jana Reddy urged the Centre to
prove the nation as a democratic country by creating separate Telangana
respecting the feelings of Telangana people. He said the Congress party
would live long in the international level by creating separate State.
Stating that separate Telangana State would be corrupt-free and
secular, he urged the Centre to create separate State soon. He appealed to
the local body representatives across the Telangana region to strengthen
the movement at village level. The top leaders would mount pressure on
the high command for separate State, he added. (NSS)

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