Hyderabad, July 18 (NSS): The Telugu Desam party president, Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu, has alleged that corruption has grown in the country by leaps and bounds and branded the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, as a mere rubber stamp, who remained a silent spectator to happenings around him.

Speaking at a meeting of TDP workers and Mandal party presidents at the NTR Trust Bhavan here on Monday morning, the former chief minister said the Centre had no intention of curbing corruption and was responding only when the Supreme Court accosted it in scams. Demanding that the Prime Minister also should be brought under the purview of the Lok Pal,  Mr Naidu  said there was need to totally cleanse the system of corruption. He said though the Congress party included fight against black money in its election manifesto, it had totally forgotten about it after assuming power both at the Centre and in the State.

Stating that fighting against corruption was one of the three aims with which late N T Rama Rao had launched the Telugu Desam party, Mr Naidu said the party would not leave the path of fighting against corruption. He said the other two aims were upholding self-respect of Telugus and banishing poverty and asserted that his party was committed to achieve these goals.

Mr Naidu said the Congress party was totally engrossed in corruption, giving a go by to the welfare of the people totally. He said those who were in financial difficulties before 2004 have earned hundreds of crores of rupees within these seven years. He said the party was showing interest in merging other parties and had already merged the Praja Rajyam Party. As it could not merge the TDP, it was trying to damage it, by blaming it for the Telangana issue. He said no one could even touch his party. “Several parties have come and gone. Now one more party has come (YSR Congress). Except the TDP, all other such parties would vanish,” Mr Naidu predicted.

Recalling the fight waged by his party against corruption, Mr Naidu said his party led a historic fight against corruption in the purchase of Bofors guns and got the resignations of 105 MPs, including 35 from the TDP, forcing then Prime Minister.Rajiv Gandhi quit his post and call for fresh elections. He said in the State also, the Congress party had to remove a Chief Minister and ministers because of the fight of the TDP against corruption.

Mr.Naidu has alleged that the Congress leaders earned hundreds of crores of rupees in the name of Jala Yagnam scheme. He said though Rs. 65,000 crore were spent, water could not be provided even to 18,000 acres of land.

Claiming that there was corruption-free sound administration during his rule, Mr. Naidu has lamented that all the systems introduced during the TDP regime were destroyed by the Congress government.


Mr Naidu has alleged that the Congress party was trying to blame the TDP for the Telangana tangle. He said his party made its stand on the issue very clear and added that it was now the duty of the Union government to take a decision. He said even when the Home Minister,  Mr P. Chidambaram, has called his party for discussions on the Telangana issue, the TDP had not attended as there was nothing new to say. While this was the fact, the Congress party was trying to throw the blame for the Telangana problem on the TDP, he added.  (NSS)


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