Hyderabad, July 18 (NSS): The Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture (CRIDA) is
organising a two-week training programme for participants from the SAARC countries on ‘Techniques
of Water Conservation and Rain Water Harvesting for Drought Management’ which was inaugurated
by Vice Chairman, National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Mr M. Shashidhar Reddy in the
city today.
Speaking on the occasion Mr Shashidhar Reddy said that many parts of South Asian region
have experienced droughts in the past. Though India has indigenous knowledge in watershed
management, a scientific approach towards water conservation is the need of the day as it would
bridge the gap between agriculture supply and produce. He said the organisation of such workshops
would impart necessary skills and information to the participants on water conservation and thereby
effective drought management. A publication on ‘District Disaster Management Plan’ was released on
the occasion.
Speaking about other initiatives of NDMA, which was established post tsunami in 2004 to
develop appropriate response system to natural disasters, he said, India will soon be acquiring aircrafts
for weather reconnaissance. This would enhance the accuracy of predictions as aircrafts would fly over
the eye of the cyclone and gather technical parameters.
About 24 delegates from the SAARC countries are participating in this workshop which would
focus on Water conservation and management for drought management, Effect of climate change
on water availability, Rain water management in different agro-ecological settings, Design of water
harvesting structures, Ground Water recharge, Farm machinery for soil and water conservation
Earlier, Mr S.M. Virmani, Agrometeorologist (Emeritus), ICRISAT delivered the presidential
address during which he emphasised the need for growing more crops per drop of water and
networking among the South Asian countries to blunt the damages caused by climate change. Mr B.
Venkateswarlu, Director, CRIDA and other senior officers of the institute were present on the
occasion. (NSS)

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