3 ft. Golden Rama idol found in Yajurveda Mandir of Baba

Puttaparti, July 19 (NSS): an astounding three-feet tall golden idol of Lord Rama was found in the Yajurveda Mandir, the old residence of Satya Sai Baba when the district collector opened and inspected it on Tuesday.

Invaluable golden and silver ornaments were being found during the ihnventary. There were golden plates, spoons and tumblers in the building. In the day’s inventory, 35 kgs of gold, 340 kgs of silver were found. Apart from these, cash to the tune of Rs. 2 crores was also found. Inventory is continuing. Collector said he would give the total information by Wednesday night.

On Monday a huge haul of riches worth nearly Rs. 18 crore was found in the Mandir. Till now, nearly Rs. 59 crore worth gold, silver and cash have been recovered in three rounds of inventories in the mandir. Gold, silver ornaments, cash, expensive silver cookware, gift items and costly saris were found from a closed which was opened by the officials on Monday. Gold bangles, ear-rings, silver mugs, plates, spoons and puja materials were found during the inventory on Monday. The inventory was being conducted by special officer D Venkatesham under the direct supervision of the district collector.  (NSS)


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