Hyderabad, July 19 (NSS): The TDP suspended leader, Dr Nagam Janardhana Reddy, and his associates, Mr Jogu Ramanna and Mr Harishwar Reddy, today squatted outside the Speaker’s chambers in the Assembly complex, demanding that their resignations be accepted.

            As the Speaker was not available, the Secretary of Legislature, Mr Raja Sadaram, held discussions with them. He told them that the Speaker was away at Tenali for participating in some official functions.

Speaking to mediapersons later, Dr Nagam said they had submitted resignations to the membership of Assembly as per their conscience and there was no second thinking on their decision. Stating that they could move into their constituencies once their resignations were accepted, Dr Nagam demanded that their papers be accepted at the earliest.

Making it clear that they had submitted their resignations as dictated by their conscience to exert pressure on the Union government to immediately start the process of carving out of separate Telangana State in deference to the wishes of the people of the region, the former minister urged that the Speaker accept their resignations without succumbing to pressure from any quarter.

Stating that they came to Assembly today on receipt of the information that the Speaker would come to office on Tuesday, he said they were constrained to squat near the Speaker’s chambers as he had not turned up till afternoon. Dr Nagam also said they would proceed to Tenali, the Speaker’s home constituency, on Wednesday if there was no communication about their resignations till Tuesday evening. (NSS)



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