Hyderabad, July 19 (NSS): The Peddapally MP, Mr G Vivek, has opined that Naxalism would increase if the Centre failed to create a separate State.

 Speaking to the media here on Tuesday, Mr Vivek said according to Intelligence reports, the Naxalites were more active in North Andhra region than the Telangana region. He said the Seemandhra leaders submitted a false report to the Prime Minister claiming that Maoists were involved in Telangana movement.

Stating that there was no link between Gurkhaland and Telangana, he said there was no question of accepting special autonomy for Telangana as was given to Gurkhaland.

The Bhongir MP, Mr K. Rajagopal Reddy, said the Telangana leaders would not hold discussions if the Centre was in a dilemma on Telangana issue. He said there was no loss to the Seemandhra people if the State was divided. He said the Telangana leaders were ready to clarify the doubts of Seemandhra leaders, if any. (NSS)



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