Kaarimnagar, July 20(NSS):  Referring to the statement of the Union Finance Minister, Mr Pranab Mukherji, that the December 9 statement of the Union Home Minister, Mr Chidambaram, was a hasty act, the Congress MP, Mr Ponnam Prabhakar, has questioned the Union government as to why it has not amended it for two years.

Talking to the media here on  Wednesday, Mr Prabhakar warned that the situation in the State would be explosive after August 1. He called upon leaders of all parties to keep their flags and agendas aside and wage a united fight for Telangana.

Referring to the delay in decisions on resignations of the public representatives, he said the government should either accept the resignations or concede Telangana. He said those who had resigned should not participate in the government programmes. He has warned the leadership that the Congress would face disastrous consequences if it did not concede Telangana.

Demanding that the Centre should stick to its December 9 announcement, he told those fighting for Telangana that if Telangana could not be achieved now, it could never be achieved.                 


The TRS leader, Mr T. Harish Rao, has demanded that the Union finance minister, Mr Pranab Mukherji, tender an unconditional apology in Parliament for stating that the December 9 announcement of the Centre on Telangana was a hasty act.

Talking to the media here on Wednesday, Mr Harish Rao said the December 9 statement was certainly not a casual and hasty act. He reminded that the BJP’s fight for Telangana in Parliament, the TRS chief, Mr KCR’s fast-unto-death and the support expressed by TDP and other Opposition parties for the Telangana demand had led to the December 9 announcement. He said it was only through bifurcation of the State that goodwill could be

established between the people of the two regions.

The Siddipet MLA has advised the government not to hold the police Sub Inspector examinations until the 14-F clause of the Presidential order was scrapped. He has alleged that the Union and State governments were now trying to quell the Telangana agitation and urged all concerned to be vigilant against such designs.  (NSS)


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