Hyderabad, July 21 (NSS): Mobile users –   beware of cheats who are indulging in Nigerian frauds to make easy money. Now, these unscrupulous elements are  using the names of well established companies and organizations  to make the people  believe that the message is genuine and they  could respond to it and pay some amounts, to get the so-called lottery amount.

            Mobile users are receiving messages like: “Congratulations : Your  mobile has won 500,000 Pounds (UK) in Coca-cola Lottery Award – 2011.  Your ticket No. is (some number) serial 445/70 or some other number.  To claim” These cheats are using the names of Microsoft International draw, Guinness World Fortune Award, etc., which makes you believe that the message is  genuine.  They are also giving some names like Dr Larry Cole and the e-mail address to be contacted.

As is seen from many reports in the newspapers now-a-days,  once you respond to the messages, the fraudsters ask you  deposit some amount in a particular Bank Account Number towards processing charges, bank charges or transmission charges, etc. and collect amounts two, three times and close the Bank account after withdrawing the amounts. It is a matter of irony that even educated persons are falling a prey to these tricks and losing their hard-earned monies.  So, beware if you receive any such message about any lottery in which you have actually not participated !!! (NSS)



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