Hyderabad, July 21 (NSS): The TDP chief, Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu, has called upon his cadres to repel the false propaganda against him and his party.

Addressing the brain-storming session of the party Mandal presidents of six districts at the NTR Trust Bhavan on Thursday, he said during the rule of Dr Y S Rajasekhara  Reddy, 26 inquiry commissions and House committees were set up against him as a vindictive measure and still could not prove a single allegation against him. He said it was through sheer jealousy because of the international reputation the State earned during the TDP rule that the then government resorted to witch-hunting. He called upon his party workers to explain the facts about Yeleru land acquisition, ACB case and other allegations made against the TDP to the people.

Referring to the challenge he made in the Assembly to the ruling party to prove its allegation that he said agriculture was a wasteful exercise, he has reminded that YSR had left the House, instead of taking the challenge. He recalled that even the case foisted against him regarding his properties was withdrawn by the government. Alleging that the then government had indulged in mudslinging against him despite his being innocent, he said now the father and son (YSR and Jagan) got buried deep in the same quagmire of corruption. He said there was no one more corrupt than Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy in the entire world. His fall has started with the High Court ordering CBI inquiry into his illegal activities, Mr Naidu added.

Referring to the name of the party floated by Mr Jagan, he said sarcastically that he was unable to leave the name of Congress. He said both the Congress and the YSR Congress were competing with each other in corruption. He said during his father’s rule of five-and-a-half years and Ms Sonia Congress as MP for 18 months, Mr Jagan has indulged in inexplainable corrupt activities. He warned Mr Jagan that he would fall, if he thought that he could grow politically, by criticizing the TDP.


            Mr Naidu called upon his party cadres to work with devotion for the party’s victory in the local body elections. He told them to mingle with the people and share their problems. Become close to the people by organizing tours and meetings in your areas, he told them. Assuring that all those who worked hard for the party would get recognition in the TDP, he said he valued his workers more than his family members. He claimed that the TDP was the only party in the State which had the wealth of workers. He reminded them that though several parties have been launched in the Congress, they all got merged in the Congress and only the TDP was standing out and fighting the corrupt rule of the Congress party. He said the “Sonia Congress” had no leadership in the State and hence it could not survive. He also said that as the YSR Congress was buried deep in corruption, it was only the TDP that had bright future, he said. He advised the Mandal party residents to treat the workers as their equals and work for strengthening the party.

The TDP HRD convener, Mr Dadi Veerabhadra Rao, the MLC, Mr Rajendra Prasad, Mr Vem Niranjan Reddy and Mr Somireddy Chandramohana Reddy, also addressed the party leaders.  (NSS)


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