New Delhi, July 21 (NSS): Tension prevailed near the AP Bhavan here on Thursday when the officials straightaway took the body of a Telangana protagonist Yadi Reddy of Nalgonda district, who committed suicide in a park near the India Gate on Wednesday morning, to the airport for being airlifted to Hyderabad.

            Enraged over the action of the AP Bhavan authorities, who had earlier promised to bring the body to the Bhavan, the Congress, BJP and TRS elected representatives staged a dharna at the chamber of Resident Commissioner. They took the officer to task for shifting the body from the suicide spot to the airport straightaway even after promising to bring the body to the AP Bhavan.

The Congress MPs, Dr K Keshav Rao, Mr Madhu Yashki, Mr Ponnam Prabhakar, Mr Manda Jagannatham, Mr G Vivek, Mr Rajaiah, the Congress MLAs, Mr R Damodar Reddy, Mr K Lakshma Reddy, Mr S Rajaiah, Mr Gandra Venkataramana Reddy, the TRS legislators, Mr T Harish Rao, Mr Etela Rajender, the TDP MP, Mr Ramesh Rathod and others squatted before the chamber of the Resident Commissioner and staged dharna. They demanded that the official be dismissed forthwith for hurriedly shifting the youth’s body to the airport.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Madhu Yashki said there were many incidents of people being killed in agitations. He bemoaned that the youths of the Telangana region were committing suicides for the cause of separate State. He also appealed to the students and youth not to sacrifice their lives. Expressing surprise over the Resident Commissioner not bringing Yadi Reddy’s body to the AP Bhavan, he described the official’s action as heinous, mischievous and deliberate.

The TRS legislators, Mr Harish Rao and Mr Etela Rajender demanded immediate dismissal of the Resident Commissioner for his deliberate act of shifting the youth’s body to the airport surreptitiously. Dr Keshav Rao also expressed his displeasure over the officer’s heinous behaviour. He described it as a great insult to the people of entire Telangana region.


Meanwhile, the employees of the AP Bhavan boycotted their duties and squatted outside the office, protesting against attacks on them by the TRS leaders.

They said the TRS leaders, led by Mr Harish Rao raided the office of the Resident Commissioner. Mr Harish Rao is alleged to have assaulted Mr Chandra Rao, OSD, who was in the Commissioner’s office at that time.

However, the TRS leaders said the RC and employees of the AP Bhavan have insulted the people of Telangana by shifting the body of Yadi Reddy to the airport. They demanded an apology to the people of Telangana by the RC. (NSS)


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