Hyderabad, July 22 (NSS): iNurture Education Solutions Private Limited, an organization innovatively combining employability with formal higher education, focusing on developing industry relevant courses across various emerging sectors and offering them in collaboration with established universities and colleges, today announced its alliance with Indian Institute of Management & Commerce.

            iNurture will be offering MBA in Financial Services course to the students at IIMC with an objective of building industry relevant skills exclusively for future finance professionals. iNurture, known for its out-of-the-box methodologies and industry specific expertise, will now open dynamic vistas for students at IIMC in terms of career opportunities and practical knowledge in the finance sector.

“This course is designed to cater to the needs of the booming and emerging financial sector building a strong theoretical and practical foundation, relevant to tomorrow’s job scenario,” commented Mr. Roy Chermana, CEO, iNurture Education Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

“Aligning with the government policies for higher education sector in India, iNurture has succeeded so far in providing upgraded and relevant curriculum to its students along with innovative teaching and learning methods in various industries,” he added.

“The lack of practical knowledge amongst students heading for the corporate world is staggering. The students planning to make is big in the finance sector must opt for this course before thinking that they know it all. We are glad that iNurture has decided to launch this course for our students, making a big difference in their perception of their career as finance professionals,” said Mr. K. Raghu Veer, Principal, IIMC. (NSS)



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