Hyderabad, July 22 (NSS): Condemning the assault by the TRS MLA, Mr T Harish Rao, on AP Bhavan’s Dalit officer, the SC MLCs, Mr M S Prabhakar and Mr D Rajeshwar Rao, have said action should be taken against the officer, who wrote a letter refusing to allow the body of Telangana martyr M Yadi Reddy into the Bhavan.

            Speaking to the media at the CLP office here on Friday, Mr Prabhakar said the attack on Dalit officer was to obstruct formation of Telangana State. He asked Mr Harish Rao whether he wants the Telangana students to attack the people of Seemandhra who settled in the region.

Stating that the attack on a Dalit officer was a black spot on Telangana movement, he said the Telangana leaders made similar attacks during Governor’s speech and at Assembly media point. He doubted whether there would be similar attacks on Dalits in separate Telangana State as the attacks are severe even before formation of Telangana State.

Stating that there was no Chief Minister’s hand behind their press meet, Mr Rajeshwar Rao said Mr Harish Rao beat the AP Bhavan officer after knowing about his caste. This incident proves that Dalits may not get justice in future.

Asked why they were holding the media conference now without participating in Telangana movement earlier, Mr Rajeshwar Rao said they were convincing the high command in their own way without participating in the movement. (NSS)



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