Hyderabad, July 22 (NSS): Stating that there was no mistake if the body of Mandadi Yadi Reddy was allowed into AP Bhavan in Delhi, the Primary Education Minister and Seemandhra Public Representatives’ Committee Convener, Dr S. Sailajanath, has said the Seemandhra leaders and himself was ready to carry the footwear of Telangana leaders on their heads to protect the status of Andhra Pradesh.

            Speaking to the media on Assembly premises on Friday, Dr Sailajanath said it was not proper for the TRS MLA, Mr T Harish Rao, to assault the AP Bhavan employee over the Yadi Reddy body’s episode. He said the Delhi incident boosted their morale for fighting for united Andhra Pradesh. He also said the Telangana TDP MLA, Mr Revanth Reddy, revealed his landlord’s behavior by saying that the Seemandhra people were not leaving Telangana even after showing footwear to them. Nobody has forgotten the atrocities of Telangana landlords in the erstwhile Hyderabad State, he said, adding that the Malas and Madigas had revolted against them for their atrocities.

Mr Sailajanath said people of all castes would develop only when the State remained in tact. He also reiterated that the Seemandhra leaders would tirelessly work for status-quo. Opining that the problems will be solved through discussions only, he said suicides would not solve any problem. (NSS)


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