Hyderabad, July 23 (NSS): Sresta Natural Bioproducts today announced a month-long campaign “Freedom from Pesticides” initiating the fight against pesticide ridden food. The campaign was flagged off by farmers at Sresta’s organic destination store 24 Letter Mantra.
Ms Amala Akkineni, Blue Cross founder, offered her solidarity to the cause by her presence. The campaign aims to create awareness about ill- effects of pesticide contaminated food and promote organic food as the best alternative for being healthy. Organic farming practices restore soil purity, enhance soil aeration and water retention capacity and thereby are the optimal way to assert commitment to the ecosystem.
During the campaign, the consumers can bring in any conventional food products (which are grown with pesticides) and in exchange will be given tasty 24Letter Mantra food products free of cost. There is also a special invitation pack available at attractive prices enabling consumers to experience the organic phenomenon. An ongoing Cookery Competition encourages customer to send in recipes using the organic products will take place throughout the month and the best 10 recipes will be compiled into a book and launched at the closure of the campaign on August 15 this year on the occasion of India’s Independence Day. Interesting offers will be available across all products throughout the month.
Mr Raj Shekhar Reddy, Managing Director – Sresta, stated “Organic is more than just a label, it is a lifestyle and it starts from the moment food products are grown. At Sresta we are passionate about nourishing and enriching lives with a variety of great-tasting, convenient and healthful products grown domestically. We hope everyone will utilize the opportunity of larger selections of our current products and the newly launched products. The “Freedom from Pesticides” initiative highlights our dedication to this cause by offering food materials which are devoid of pesticides or other harmful products to society. It is a step towards enhancing the quality of lives of customers, people and farmers through a unique model where we are actively involved at each stage.
Mr N. Balasubramanian, CEO - Sresta elaborated on “Freedom from Pesticides” initiative. He said, “We intend to double area under organic farming from current network of 10,000 farmers, cultivating 30,000 acres to 50,000.  Further, we are introducing new products like soups, snacks, breakfast cereals and health products.”
            Ms Amala Akkineni buying these products from 24 Letter Mantra store which is nearby, says that “Going organic is a brilliant idea because it comes from the ground where you live and that has a very positive effect on oneself.  I’ve been using these products from a long time and I am completely into organic food, the more local and intimate they are, the more positive effect you will get.”
Sresta does  organic farming with small farmers in 11 states across India ---AP, Orissa, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, UP, North East and process about 8000 MT of materials marketed in about 30 cities in India, Europe, US, Canada and Australia.” Sresta works with domestic farmers to ensure that all Organic products are the same high-quality, great-tasting products now grown under strict USDA organic standards, without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. (NSS)

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