Hyderabad, July 24 (NSS): Expressing anguish over the Legislative Assembly Speaker  Mr Nadendla  Manohar  rejecting the  resignations of Telanagana legislators, the Telangana Political JAC Chairman, Prof. Kodanda Ram said that the decision was against the spirit of the Constitution of India.

Speaking to the media here, Prof Kodanda Ram said  that as claimed by the Speaker, the resignation of Telangana legislators were not due to emotion and pressure. It was the Speaker who took the  decision under  the pressure from Delhi and acted against the Constitution of India, he added.

“Mr  Manohar was not eligible to continue in Speaker’s post as he failed  to respect the wishes and aspirations of the people.”, he asserted.

He suggested to  the Telangana legislators to once again submit their resignations to the Speaker as their earlier resignations have been rejected.


Balladeer Gaddar,  speaking to the  media separately, said that  the rejection of the  Telangana legislators’ resignations by the Assembly Speaker was not an unexpected one. He  expected  such a the decision from the Speaker much earlier. There was no fault in Telangana legislators  resigning respecting the sentiments of the people, who have elected them to the Legislative House. All the Telangana legislators should prove their sincerity on Telangana issue by submitting their resignations once again, he added.  (NSS)


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