Hyderabad, July 25 (NSS): Stating that rejection of resignations of the Telangana Public Representatives by the Speaker was against the Constitution, former Union Minister and BJP senior leader Mr. Ch Vidyasagar Rao has suggested to all the political party leaders from Telangana region to take a united decision on it. He said that the BJP was against the sixth option of the report submitted to the Centre by the Justice Srikrishna Committee.

Speaking to the media at State BJP office here on Monday along with the State BJP official spokes person Mr.  N Ramachandra Rao, Mr.  Vidyasagar Rao has said that the situation has become ripe for imposition of the President’s Rule in the State. He said the Speaker, has acted against the spirit of the Constitution and rejected the resignations citing that there was no constitutional crisis in the State and the MLAs submitted their resignations under pressure. He has alleged that the Speaker announced his decision through a press release without showing suitable reasons justifying his decision. He said that the Speaker has to remember that the resignations tendered by the TRS leaders earlier were also due to the pressure from the people.

He said amendment of 1974, Article 190, Section 3, Clause B has given full authority to the Speaker and he may take a decision whether he was in the country or abroad. He has advised the Telangana public representatives to sit together to take decision on Speaker’s decision whether to approach the Court or to submit the resignations once again and said people will not believe political leaders otherwise.

He has alleged that the Political leaders remained silent, thinking that submission of resignations itself an achievement. He said that the Speaker would accept only TRS and BJP MLAs’ resignations if he really wanted to take a decision on resignations.

The BJP was opposing sixth option of the Justice Srikrishna Committee’s report, he said and added that the Centre has to make an amendment if it wanted to implement sixth option. He said that the Telangana students and youth were committing suicides with a feeling that the Centre has deceived the Telangana people.

Mr Vidyasagar Rao has said that demanding the implementation of sixth option of Justice Srikrishna Committee’s report by the Seemandhra leaders was nothing but accepting the fact that the Telangana was meted out with injustice. He said that the Seemandhra Congress leaders had not even met the opposition leaders even formally when they met the Prime Minister and Union Home Minister.

Alleging that the Seemandhra Congress leaders were not having minimum common sense that they need the support of main opposition party to amend the constitution to implement the Justice Srikrishna Committee’s sixth option, he said that the Seemandhra leaders’ main objective was to obstruct the formation of separate Telangana.

He made it clear that the BJP would not support the government to amend the Constitution to implement the sixth option. (NSS)



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