Hyderabad, July 25 (NSS): The CPI (M) on Monday cautioned that a call for agency bandh would be given, if the government failed to provide medical facilities to save the tribal from malaria and Typhoid in agency areas.

The party also proposes to conduct health camps in seasonal diseases prone agency areas from July 31.

CPI(M) MLA Mr. Julakanti Ranga Reddy and Rajya Saba former member, Mr. P Madhu have on Monday met the Minister for Health, Dr D L Ravindra Reddy and submitted a memorandum to him on the issue.

Later, speaking at media point in the Secretariat, Mr. Madhu said that Malaria and Typhoid had broken out in 11 agency mandals of  Paderu ITDA in Visahpatanam district. Seasonal diseases also broke out in the agency areas of Adilabad, Warangal and Khammam districts. He has differed with the version of Government that only one person in the agency area died due to malaria. He has claimed that 24 tribals lost their lives due to malaria in this season.

He has charged the Government with insensitiveness towards the health of tribals in the agency areas. He said people had not encountered a worse Government during the last 64 years. He has strongly criticized the Chief Minister for not taking action against the Ministers, who have resigned their posts and were keeping away from their duties. He said resignations of the ministers impacted the administration and inconvenienced the common people. He has lamented that the administration could not pay attention towards the innocent Tribal people, because of the Telangana and United Andhra agitations.

He said CPI(M) would swing in to action from July 31 and doctors teams would be sent to agency areas. Health camps would also be held in the areas he added.

Compensation demanded for families of deceased tribals

            Mr.  Madhu has demanded that the government should send additional doctors on deputation to agency areas and provide required medicines at PHCs. Health camps should be held in 758 villages, which have been already declared as high risk villages by the government.

Mr. Ranga Reddy has demanded the government to pay compensation to the families of tribals who died due to seasonal diseases.(NSS)



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