Remove VAT on clothes and sugar: TDP

Hyderabad, July 26 (NSS): TDP has demanded immediate withdrawal of the newly imposed 4 percent VAT on clothes and sugar.

In a statement here on Tuesday, party senior leader Mr. Dadi Veerabhadra Rao has said that the cost of clothes has shot up because of the increase in the prices of raw materials like yarn and polymer. Imposition of VAT has further increased the prices, taking clothes out of the reach of the common man, he said. Likewise, the addition of VAT on sugar has also made the lives of the poor trying. He said it was strange that VAT was imposed on sugar in Andhra Pradesh alone in the entire country.

Stating that imposition of VAT had also adversely affected the sugar industry, he said now a bag of sugar in the state was costing 100 rupees more and other states had stopped purchasing sugar from our mills. He said as there were no buyers, sugar stocks had piled up in the godowns of the mills and mills were unable to clear the dues of farmers. He said the sugar mills which were already facing financial difficulties because of ban of export of molasses to other states, would further face losses because of the new tax. He said the government should think over the problem and immediately withdraw the VAT as it would affect the lives of lakhs of farmers and workers of the sugar mills which might end up in closure.  (NSS)



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