This is right time for announcing Telangana: Ajit Singh

Hyderabad, July 26 (NSS): RLD Chief Mr. Ajit Singh has said that this was the right time for the centre to announce formation of Telangana.

Ajit Singh is in Hyderabad. TDP Telangana Forum leaders have met him in the Taj Krishna hotel and sought his support to their fight for Telangana.

Speaking on the occasion, he said he has been observing the Telangana movement since 60 years. He has assured the TDP leaders that he would support the movement.

Referring to the resignations of MLAs, he said the Speaker should have met them individually and discussed the matter over, before rejecting their resignations. On the talk about President’s Rule, he said central rule was not possible in the present situation.

He has appealed to the central government to immediately decide on the Telangana issue. He said all those fighting for Telangana should unite and bring pressure on the issue. He said if Telangana bill was brought in the Parliament, his party would support it.

Mr. Errabelli Dayakara Rao and Mr. Kadiyam Srihari who were among those who met Mr. Ajit Singh spoke to the media. They said creatures like Mr. Payyavula Keshav need not give them advises. They said the Seemandhra leaders’ remarks were derogatory to the people of Telangana. They alleged that the Speaker has rejected their resignations only to save the Congress government from crisis. (NSS)


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