, July 25 (NSS): The Andhra Pradesh Zilla Parishad Territorial Committee Members’ (ZPTC) Association has demanded the State government to withdraw G.O No 189,  appointing Special officers to the Zilla Parishads.

Speaking to the media persons here on Monday, Association president, Mr. Padala Venkata Rama Reddy demanded  the State government to continue the existing representatives till  local body elections were conducted. He said the state government should immediately withdraw G.O. No 189 and revive democracy in local bodies in the state. He said, according to the 73rd  constitutional amendment, elected representatives should be continued in their posts, till next elections. He has criticized the state government for appointing special officers for Zilla Parishads, to ‘dilute local bodies system’ in the State. He has argued that appointment of special officers to Zilla Parishad, was against the spirit of democracy. Contending that there was no provision in the constitution to appoint special officers to the local bodies, he said that they would file a petition in the High Court against the GO.

Association vice presidents, Mr. Reddy Narayana Rao, Mr. Niranjan Reddy, Mr. P. Nagarjuna Reddy, General Secretary Ms Daravat Pulamma Chandulal were also present at the media conference. (NSS)



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