Talks are not in Telangana creation direction: Kodandaram

prof kodanaram

New Delhi, July 28 (NSS) Telangana JAC Convener Prof. Kodandaram has
said that the talks being held by the Congress state in charge Mr.
Gulam Nabi Azad were not in the direction of creating Telangana state.
Talking to themedia here on Thursday, he has expressed displeasure
over the way talks were being held. He said he had no confidence that
the talks were for the specific purpose of bifurcation of the state.
Prof. Kodandaram has said that General strike woud commence as
decided earlier on August as talks were not proceeding in the right
Telangana NGO leaders Mr.Swamy Goud and Mr. Srinivasa Goud who have
participated in the press conference have condemned government attempt
to invoke the Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA) on the
employees going on strike. They said BJP senior leader Ms. Sushma
Swaraj has assured to stand by the employees, in case the government
invoked ESMA. (NSS)


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