Azad’s Mission Persuasion


New Delhi/ Hyderabad, July 29 (NSS): The Telangana Congress MPs, who had submitted their resignations to the Lok Sabha Speaker, Ms Meira Kumar, in pursuance of their demand for a separate State, were asked by the party High Command to come to New Delhi immediately.

The Union Minister for Health, Mr Ghulam Nabi Azad, who is also the party in-charge in the State, telephoned the Nizamabad MP, Mr Madhu Yashki, on Friday and advised all the Telangana Congress MPs to be present in the national capital for certain crucial talks. This was conveyed to all the MPs, who are in Delhi as well as in Hyderabad.

According to informed sources, the Congress High Command in gearing itself to counter the Opposition onslaught during the monsoon session of Parliament commencing from August 1. For this, however, it was imperative for the party leadership to set its own house in order. The Congress leadership’s main headache is from Andhra Pradesh as the MPs from the Telangana region of the State numbering 10 had submitted their resignations in a move to exert pressure on the UPA government to carve out a separate Telangana state. Thus, the party high priests in Delhi are keen to tame and reign in the MPs who had resigned to cooperate in meeting the Opposition challenge.

Informed sources disclosed that Mr Azad’s invitation to the Telangana Congress MPs for talks was only to persuade them to withdraw their resignations keeping in view the on-going consultations to resolve the contentious Telangana issue. This was also necessary to send a clear message to the party’s adversaries that the Congress was a united house in warding off any threat from the Opposition.

However, the million-dollar question is whether the Telangana Congress MPs would relent and withdraw their resignations and this seems to be improbable at this stage as those who had resigned do not want to become a laughing stock in the region and become sitting ducks for the agitators’ ire.

In fact, the Nalgonda MP, Mr Gutha Sukhender Reddy, categorically stated that they were not attaching any importance or prominence to Mr Azad’s invitation for talks. Reading between the lines, this comment amply speaks of the frustration and disappointment of the Telangana Congress leaders over the attitude of the High Command in not resolving the issue, but was only prolonging it in the name of wider consultations.

Mr Sukhender Reddy said that when the information reached them about Mr Azad’s invitation to come to Delhi immediately, they had made it clear that they would go over there after two days. If the MPs who are in Hyderabad and do not make it to the capital immediately, Mr Azad might hold talks with Mr Madhu Yashki and Mr Balaram Naik, who are already in Delhi.

Reliable party sources indicated that the Telangana MPs are in a quandary and confused about their future course of action. On one hand, they do not want to displease the High Command and at the same time they do not want to withdraw the resignations lest they would face the wrath of the people in their constituencies.

Thus the MPs, in their anxiety to escape from both the situations, are keeping their fingers crossed on the action of the Lok Sabha Speaker with regard to their resignations. They are hoping that like the Assembly Speaker, Mr Nadendla Manohar, who had rejected the resignations of the MLAs, the Lok Sabha Speaker, Ms Meira Kumar, too would do the same. This seems to be the only face saving option left for them under the circumstances. (NSS)


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