Hyderabad, July 28 (NSS): Exuding confidence that the Centre would convey a favorable message on
Telangana in the third week of October, the Handlooms and Textiles Minister, Dr P. Shankar Rao, has
appealed to the youths and students in Telangana not to commit suicides.
Speaking to the media in the CLP office here on Thursday along with the AICC secretary, Mr
Ponguleti Sudhakar Reddy, and the Vikarabad MLA, Mr Prasad Kumar, Dr Shankar Rao said that
submission of resignations by legislators was not greater than suicides of the youth. He said that they
will do whatever the people want for achievement of Telangana. He said the Congress party would
concede the Telangana demand and martyrs will bring about a separate State.
The minister said that he and Mr Sudhakar Reddy, Mr Prasad Kumar have visited the house of
Mandadi Yadi Reddy, who committed suicide in New Delhi for the sake of Telangana, at Pedda
Mangalaram village and presented Rs 1 lakh to the bereaved family members. He said that he would
also provide a job to Yadi Reddy’s brother Mr Om Reddy.
Stating that the Centre would announce a solution to the Telangana issue, Mr Sudhakar Reddy
appealed to the Seemandhra MPs, Mr Lagadapati Rajagopal and Mr Kavuri Sambasiva Rao, not to
make provocative statements. Though the party high command was striving to solve the Telangana
issue by holding talks, the Seemandhra leaders were making provocative statements injuring the

feelings of the Telangana people. While the people’s movement was going on in the Telangana region,
a counter movement was launched in Andhra to sabotage formation Telangana State.
Finding fault with the Yoga guru Ramdev Baba for meeting the TDP Chief, Mr N Chandrababu
Naidu, seeking support to fight against corruption, Mr Sudhakar Reddy said Ramdev Baba might not
know about Mr Naidu’s Yeleru and other scams. He also advised Ramdev Baba to read the CPM’s
book titled as “Babu Jamana-Avineethi Khazana” to know about Mr Naidu’s corrupt practices. The
Baba should know that late NTR had described Mr Naidu as a scamster and back stabber. (NSS)

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