Hyderabad, July 31 (NSS): The State government is planning to launch a massive program for energy conservation to achieve potential of 20 per cent energy saving to bridge the gap between supply and demand of power to some extent in the State.

To achieve this gigantic task on a fast track, the government has constituted a high-level Energy Conservation Committee to launch massive awareness campaign throughout the State mainly involving agencies like local bodies, self-help groups and all categories of stake holders. In this regard, the Principal Secretary, Energy Department, Mr Suthirtha Bhattacharya, has issued orders to speed up the program for effective and popular campaign to conserve energy in day-to-day applications such as air-conditioners, refrigerators, and other domestic appliances, as declared very recently.

The high-level committee comprises members from all the four DISCOMS, NREDCAP and Energy Coordination Cell of Energy Department — Mr Nadeem Ahmed, CMD,  APEPDCL (Chairman), Mr P. Rajagopal Reddy, Director (Finance), APCPDCL, Mr S. Vishwanatham, Director (Operations), APSPDCL, Mr P. Ganapathi, Director (Operations), APNPDCL, Mr Ram Mohan Rao, Project Director, NREDCAP (Members). Mr  A. Chandra Sekhara Reddy, Member-Secretary, ECC, Energy Dept. is member & Convener of the committee.

In its orders, the Energy Department mentioned that the State government has initiated several energy conservation measures like Bachat Lamp Yojana Scheme, Energy Audit and so on to ensure energy savings in electricity consumption in industrial, agricultural and domestic sectors in general and to reduce the peak hour demand in particular.

The government also initiated measures to replace ICLs (Incandescent Lamps) with CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) for around 1.8 crore domestic consumers at a nominal price of Rs 15 as against market price of Rs 90 per each. Implementation of this scheme is likely to result in conservation of substantial energy and energy consumption is likely to be reduced by around 20% from the present level of energy consumption.

In order to give fillip to these energy conservation measures, there is a need to popularize various initiatives taken up in this regard and improve the implementation mechanism of such initiatives. In addition to Energy conservation measures, the government was also promoting generation of renewable energy such as wind power and solar energy, the Principal Secretary said.  The committee will review the implementation of various initiatives being undertaken at present and submit its recommendations to the government within two months. The committee shall recommend long-term and short-term measures to make Energy Conservation initiatives more effective and sustainable.

The Principal Secretary said as the economic development of  State depends  predominantly on  power sector, the government is keen on strengthening the power  sector  with full fledged support and make all possible efforts to provide quality and satisfactory supply of power to all categories of consumers even by purchasing costly power from outside the State. The State has an installed capacity of 14,938.24 MW comprising thermal and natural gas 10,168.48 MW, Hydel 3,790.36 MW, Renewable 936.13 MW and Nuclear 43.27 MW. Although the State generated 26,927.01 MU of thermal, 7,821.56 MU of Hydel and renewable sources the growing demand of the industry, domestic and agricultural sector led to a gap of around 10% between demand and supply emphasizing the need for conservation of energy in a mission mode.

The sector wise energy consumption pattern in the State shows that there is a scope and potential for an overall conservation of 20 per cent of power. Prominent sectors where conservation is feasible through effective measures are: Industry 7%, agriculture 4.5% and domestic 6%.  (NSS)


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