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Ahmedabad: James Bond 23 featuring Daniel Craig as the legendary British Secret Agent and Judi Dench as ‘M’ is scheduled to shoot in Ahmedabad. Bond 23’s production team including director Sam Mendes and production assistants have recently visited Ahmedabad in Gujarat state of India and decided to have the shoot at the Sabarmati railway yard. The unit would be shooting some stunts of Daniel Craig on a freight train and one of the roads of Ahmedabad.

Interestingly the shooting would be right outside Gandhi’s world famous Sabarmati Ashram. Shooting is scheduled for January-February 2012.

The team had earlier faced difficulties in getting clearances from the Indian Railways

which has to block some tracks for the shooting. The producers have offered to pay

whatever charges and a credit line for the Indian Railways in the titles. They have also at

one point thought of shifting the shoot to South Africa. Now it is all set and the team

would be meeting the Railway Minister on Monday for the final clearances, said sources.



Hyderabad: Dr. Kalpagam Polasa, head of the Food and Drug Toxicology Research Centre Hyderabad has said that fruits and vegetables could be the protection needed against cardiovascular diseases and several types of cancers.

In her talk on ‘Nutrition – the role of vegetables and fruits in chronic disorders’ during the golden jubilee regional symposium 2011 of the National Academy of Medical Sciences in Hyderabad yesterday, she said fruits and vegetables were a part of weight loss diets that were also rich source of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. “Five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables per day per person are highly desirable,” said Dr. Polasa.

The eminent doctor has 85 papers published in Indian and international journals to his credit.

“People go to doctors for a cure. More importantly one should concentrate on sticking to healthy diet to prevent diseases,” she told the seminar. She said every one must consume 500 grams of fruits every day while avoiding fats, oils and sweets.

Rebels who overran the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi were shocked to find a whole city underneath the capital Tripoli. They found a maze of tunnels leading to almost every art of the capital and assume that the dictator, his family members and other important persons of entourage might have escaped through these tunnels. Rebel commanders said that these tunnels were high enough for two persons to walk alongside. Small vehicles like golf buggies could run through them. Rebels in fact found few abandoned golf buggies in the tunnels. The Telegraph reported that Gaddafi who could have the blueprint of these tunnels could have fled through these.

The tunnels have outlets to two of the houses in Abu Salim district of Tripoli, where rebels laid a siege last night after intelligence reports said that Gaddafi was hiding there. But the raids proved to be futile.

Rebel leader Riad Gniedi told the media “It is normal that some one like Muammar would do this to protect himself. Any dictator has to have a way to protect himself and to escape in times like this. Rebels have been trying to unravel the mysteries of the Bab al-Aziziya compound.

Hero Salman Khan has been experiencing acute pain in the jaw and finally found time to go to the US for surgery. The busy star will be flying to the United States in the next few days for treatment of a neurological disorder as well as an aneurysm  in his brain, said sources. However, doctors treating him said that there was no cause for worry.

Salman will undergo two surgeries  and will be out of action for nearly a month. He will miss the release of his much awaited film ‘Body Guard,’ said film circles.

Sources said that he has been experiencing intense pain across his face and the problem was diagnosed as Trigeminal neuralgia by the KEM Hospital’s neurology department. He is unable to bite even a sandwich, because of this problem said sources close to him.

Salman had this problem about seven years ago and it has subsided after simple medication. But now it came back in severity

Mumbai: Police were shocked to find that a chain snatcher whom they arrested to be having properties worth over Rs. 70 lakhs. He has his own house in an expensive area and a car.

Police have arrested Nazir Shaik (39), while trying to snatch a woman’s gold chain at a rally to support Gandhian Anna Hazare who has been fasting for ending corruption in India.  When they probed into his background, they found that he has a house in Kalyan, in Thane district, a car and also two wives.

Police initially assumed that Shaik was a petty criminal. But further probe revealed a story of rags to riches. He has property in Navi Mumbai, Kalyan and a flat in a posh locality in New Panvel. Apart from car, he also has a motor cycle. Police are however sad that they could not do any thing about his property. At the most they could send him for a small jail term as he was caught in the act of stealing and had not stolen anything. They might not be able to prove his other crimes, though he had admitted to having committed five. The women whose chains he snatched would be difficult to find now.

Rana Daggubati had a long schedule of 45 days in Kuala Lumpur recently for his film Naa Ishtam. Briefly after returning to Hyderabad, Rana is summoned by Ram Gopal Varma to participate in the shoot of his Hindi film ‘Department’ in Mumbai for a period of a month. This film also features Amitabh Bachchan and Sanjay Dutt in other important roles. Rana plays the role of a south based cop (main lead) in
this movie.