Hyderabad, Aug.2 (NSS):The Directorate of Rice Research (DRR), organized an ‘Innovative
Rice Farmer’s Meet’ in the city today wherein farmers across the nation engaged in growing rice
presented their innovations both in cultivation practices and farm machinery. Aimed to encourage rice
innovators for developing location specific technologies, 25 farmers were felicitated by Shri SK Datta,
DDG(Crop Sciences), ICAR, Shri KD Kokate, DDG(Extension), ICAR, Shri V.Sobhanadreeswara
Rao, Ex-Minister of Agriculture, Govt. of AP Smt. Vijayalaxmi, AD, Agriculture, Govt. of AP and BC

Viraktamath, PD,DRR .
In his inaugural address Shri SK Datta said that innovations are also needed in policy making
understanding the farmer’s perspective. India represents all kinds of diversity under which rice
is grown across the globe, he said. Efforts of combining rice growing in adverse conditions with
those giving high yields need to be documented so that it would encourage participatory technology
development process, he felt.
Saying that the “Farmer’s first” approach at ICAR is redefining the way agricultural research is
conducted, Shri Kokate said that the innovations that have emerged out of farmers’ vast experience and
wisdom should be documented and promoted effectively. He also felt that more efforts were needed to
ensure that rice cultivators get appropriate remuneration for their efforts.
Speaking on the occasion, Shri V.Sobhanadreeswara Rao, former Agriculture minister, voiced
his concern over rampant research on genetically modified rice being carried out in South India, which,
he felt would negatively affect the native varieties. He appealed to the ICAR to consider extending the
ban on GM rice research in Basmati growing areas in the north, to the south as well. He also raised the
issue of insufficient MSP to paddy farmers. Appreciating the efforts of rice innovators he appealed to
the media to highlight their efforts to encourage the farmers.
Details of some farmers who were awarded- Mr Kailash Rana Manger from East Sikkim for
Innovative varietal/landrace selection for local needs, Mr Syed Ghani Khan from Mandya, Karnataka
for identifying and preserving about 140 local varieties, Mr Muppana Pavan Kumar from East
Godavari, AP for identifying crop variety suitable for cyclone prone areas, Mr Rajib Kumar Bhowmik
from Burdhwan, West Bengal for developing arsenic resistant variety of rice as the ground water is
higly arsenic contaminated, Mr Amarjit Singh from Jallandhar, Punjab for new organic techniques to
increase the yield in basmati rice, Mr Bacchu Veera Reddy from Karimnagar, AP for developing new
biopesticide formulation.
All details of the farmers their innovations have been compiled in a publication called ‘Rice
Innovations 2011’ which was released by the guests today. Another booklet and ‘Directorate of
Rice Research in Service of Rice Farmers’ was also brought out. The day long programme will have
presentations by the farmers on their innovations and exchange of perspectives among scientists and
farmers. (NSS)

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