Lok Ayukta accepts Sankara Rao’s letter and issues notices to him

Hyderabad, Aug 3 (NSS): The Lok Ayukta has taken the letter of the textiles minister Mr. Sankara Rao into consideration and has accepted to order probe into his properties. The Lok Ayukta has issued notice to Mr. Sankara Rao to disclose details of properties of himself and his family members within six weeks.

It is learnt that the Lok Ayukta has expressed discontent over Mr. Sankara Rao’s remark that the state Lok Ayukta also should work actively like its Karnataka counterpart.

Commenting on Mr. Sankara Rao’s remarks against the Lok Ayukta of AP, it has remarked that it did not feel that Mr. Sankara Rao who was a state minister did not know that the state Lok Ayukta was not all powerful. The Lok Ayukta has clarified that while its counterpart had all the required powers it did not have the same. Lok Ayukta has stated that there was no response for the institution’s request for more powers.

The Lok Ayukta has stated that it would order investigation after receiving the submission of Mr.  Sankara Rao in the stipulated six weeks.

It may be recalled that Mr. Sankara Rao has in a letter to the Lok Ayukta has demanded an investigation into land allocation during the Congress rule and the rule of the TDP  prior to it. He has also asked the Lok Ayukta to order for an enquiry into allegations of irregularities against him and his family members.

Mr. Sankara Rao has earlier alleged that the YSR Congress chief Mr. Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy has purchased some islands abroad with the money he has earned thrugh irregularities during his father’s rule. He has also denied that he made allegations against Mr. Jagan at the behest of the Congress president Ms. Sonia Gandhi.  (NS


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